Painful Intercourse - Overview

Painful intercourse, also known as dyspareunia is a condition described as a continual genital pain that presents itself before, during, or after sexual intercourse. Pain during sexual intercourse can occur due to structural problems or psychological concerns. Treatment may help pin point the main cause and reduce or eliminate the cause all together.


  • Pain upon penetration
  • Pain during every penetration or while using a tampon
  • Pain after pain free intercourse
  • Aching or burning pain
  • Throbbing pain long after intercourse

Over time a woman's sexual drive will naturally fluctuate. Factors that contribute to this are major life changes, beginning or ending a relationship, pregnancy, menopause, and illness. Medications such as anti-seizure and anti-depressants can lower a woman's sex drive.

If there is a decreased lack of sexual drive that causes personal distress, then Hypoactive Sexual Disorder may be the cause. There are lifestyle changes and other options that can reverse the feeling of a lower sex drive.


  • Lower or total disinterest in any type of sexual activity
  • Lower or total disinterest in any self-stimulation
  • The thought of sexual fantasies or thoughts are not present