Feeling 30 and Not-So-Flirty? Texas Urological Clinic Can Help.

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If you’re frustrated by your libido – or lack thereof – it’s time to contact Texas Urological Clinic. Dr. Shawn P. Todd, D.O. specializes in men’s and women’s health and offers noninvasive solutions for some of your most intimate problems.

Our process is easy. All you have to do is call 936-899-7070 to schedule a consultation with our urology and sexual health professionals.

We won’t make you wait around – our doctor works quickly to get your life (and your libido) back on track. Overcome the challenges of aging when you visit Texas Urological Clinic today. Our bioTE hormones are good for your health and prevent disease. These all-natural, bio-identical estrogen and testosterone pellets absorb consistently into the body as needed. Contact us to learn more.

3 signs you’re an ideal patient for our Lufkin, Texas practice

3 signs you’re an ideal patient for our Lufkin, Texas practice

Not sure if a trip to our urologists is necessary? Here are three signs you could benefit from a sexual health consultation:

  1. You’re dealing with erectile dysfunction – Dr. Todd can provide effective treatments, including P-shots and UroLift.
  2. You want your sex life back – we have numerous options, including vaginal rejuvenation, O-shots and Diva laser vaginal therapy by Sciton®.
  3. You’re on the fence about kids – the good news is, we perform vasectomies and vasectomy reversals.

Increased intimacy is in your future – call 936-899-7070 to make an appointment at Lufkin’s full-service urology clinic.